Remarkable Reptiles

WELCOME to "The Remarkable Reptiles". Using a variety of artifacts and live reptiles, I specialize in educational programs for ALL age groups.

• shells
• skulls
• skins

Live Reptiles
• 2 turtles
• 3 lizards
• 5 snakes...the last being a boa constrictor that you can touch and sometimes hold!

All species used are harmless!!

This program has been presented since 1982 at local schools and libraries, as well as scout groups, civic celebrations, church events, birthday parties, etc. You may have seen me at one of these places! I have also appeared at many of our beautiful Minnesota State Parks as well as teaching classes at the Science Museum of Minnesota.
In additional to live formal presentations, I also offer a display of live reptiles for events that prefer a more casual presentation. This display consists of 16 cages plus assorted artifacts. The basic set-up time for a display is 4 hours.


Remarkable Reptiles
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